Welcome Judy Stokes

Women in Photography welcomes fellow photographer Judy Stokes to our family of photography mentors.

Judy is an artistic photographer inspired mostly by nature and the ocean, loves to use ICM (Intentional camera Movement) to create her images. She says she loves the way this free style of photography simplifies scenes and seems to capture the essence of a time and place.

Judy has achieved recognition for her images in competitions nationally and internationally.

You’ll see Judy leading our ICM photography retreats and workshops across New Zealand and Australia – Judy says she enjoys the sense of connection to others through sharing not only her images at exhibitions, but also her techniques with others through the workshops she gives.

Judy says that along her photographic journey she has found ­that the genre of ICM is the one that has enabled her heart to sing and for herself to grow as a person. She finds that while using this style of photography that she feels she manages to get into “the flow” leaving the world to one side and becoming totally immersed in creativity. This is her place of “mindfulness” – a time to regenerate in a busy world. In her workshops Judy hopes to share with others that photography is more than holding a camera and capturing a scene in front of you – but it is an art where you can discover a deeper part of yourself as you use your camera freely and with instinct, rather than governed by rules and principles. Judy shares not only her camera techniques but her ideas on how to get images to express your personality and she hopes that through these techniques you will find that wherever you are in the world – city or wild places – being creative with your camera enables you to find beauty.

Judy has an easy teaching style enabling her workshop participants to relax and enjoy their own creativity.

Here are some comments from previous workshops

  • “Judy was awesome, giving freely of her time
  • “ Judy was knowledgeable and talented”
  • “ Judy has a beautiful teaching manner and is very expert”
  • “ Very knowledgeable and inspiring, friendly and approachable”
  • “ The workshop left me feeling inspired and wanting to use ICM more often”

A selection of Judy’s images are below and if you’d like to know more about Judy, click here.