Street photography – the easiest or most difficult photographic genre to capture

Street photography can either be one of the easiest or most difficult photographic genre to capture. You will likely have read my comments before, that a small camera with a wide angle lens is the best. The problem is, although it is simple to get started in street photography, it is not easy to create compelling imagery.

The goal of the candid photographer is to capture scenes exactly as they occur naturally and any interference by the photographer ruins the possibility of creating an image that is 100% authentic.

Many street photographers like to capture their images using a 35mm or wider focal length. This although has problems, and requires the photographer to be physically close to the subject. If the subject notices the photographer standing close by, the subject will likely alter their behaviour making it difficult to capture what would have taken place had the photographer not been present.

You could simply ask for permission before taking someone’s photograph – this may appear to be easier since you do not have to develop the skill of being discreet while making photography but this goes against the pure form of “street photography”.

Portraits humanise a story and put a face directly in contact with your viewers. The story starts being something very personal because there is someone directly looking at you through the lens or the lens of the frame.

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