2022 Competition Prizes

Our 2022 Photography Competition is sponsored by Women in Photography and Kase Filters New Zealand with prizes totalling NZ$5,000.

Prizes will be awarded to three (3) selected photographers and their work will be featured on Women in Photography’s website and across our social media platforms. Prizes will be couriered or posted to winner.

A woman with a camera on tour in Chatham Islands

First Prize

Valued at NZ$3,500.

Join Women in Photography's 2023 March Awesome Chatham Island Photography tour - twin share.

Second Prize

Kase K9 Wolverine Entry Level Kit (100mm) - valued at NZ$750.

This kit is the perfect way to improve your landscape photography. Featuring the K9 holder system with a 90mm magnetic circular polariser, a soft filter bag that holds up to 10 filters, plus a ND64 6-stop neutral density filter and 0.9 (3-stop) graduated neutral density filter. The K9 filter holder can take up to 3 stacked filters and is also compatible with all other 100mm (2mm thick) brands of neutral density filters.

In the Box

  • K9 100mm Alloy Filter Holder
  • 90mm Slimline Magnetic X-CPL (Polarising filter)
  • 2 x Geared adapter rings: 77-90mm & 82-90mm – Magnetic
  • 2 x Step rings: 67-82mm & 72-82mm
  • Soft Filter Bag
  • Wolverine 100x150mm SGND filter 0.9 (3 stop Soft Grad)
  • Wolverine 100x150mm ND filter ND64 (6 Stop ND)

Third Prize

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular ND Filter Kit (82mm) valued at NZ$430.

This kit by Kase contains an ND8, ND64, Circular Polariser, Magnetic Adapter, carry pouch, and a magnetic lens cap.

These filters are lighter and more compact than a full square system set up.  The sets consist of stackable neutral density filters and a CPL, useful for both photographers and videographers, allowing you to control reflections and light.

The Kase Wolverine Magnetic Entry Level ND Filter Kit contains:

  • 1x magnetic CPL (polarizing filter)
  • 1x magnetic ND8 (3-stop)
  • 1x magnetic ND64 (6-stop)
  • 1x magnetic adapter ring
  • 1x magnetic lens cap
  • 1x Filter bag

People's Choice Prize

VALS - a beautiful A5 hard backed coffee table photography book by one of Women in Photography's supporters - French Photographer Nejma Kachaou.   Vals is a mountain village in the Surselva region in Eastern Switzerland. It is located at an altitude of 1250 metres above sea level, deep down in the Vals Valley.

Other Prizes

Drawn throughout the period of the competition, photographers will be chosen and featured across Women in Photography’s website and social media.

For those living in New Zealand, if your photograph is chosen, you will receive a waterproof camera battery protection box which holds two batteries and SD cards, valued at NZ$60.