Learn & grow your street photography knowledge

We are really excited to announce that we are launching a new series of Street Photography workshops.

  • One day beginners
  • Two day advanced
  • One day abstract


One Day Beginners $220

We will start the morning with introductions and look at examples of good (and bad!) street photography and discuss various styles and approaches of other photographers to provide context and inspiration. This will get you
thinking about some goals for the workshop and beyond. After a quick technical check-in we head out to make photographs (this workshop is not about what settings to use – you need to be confident to choose your camera settings). Lesley will be shooting alongside you, offering tips and suggestions. You’ll also get to see how she approaches working on the street.

During the afternoon session you’ll be working on assignments or practicing techniques and approaches that are linked to goals you identified earlier in the day. Assignments are tailored to suit your level of experience.


Two Day Advanced $400

This workshop is for street photographers who have some experience or have previously completed our Beginner’s Workshop.

Day 1: We will help you refine your approach to shooting on the street and focus on the development of your street photography vision, work on assignments or to practice techniques and approaches that are linked to the goals you identified during the pre workshop online session. Those assignments will be designed to increase your confidence and help you to make more interesting photographs.

Day 2: In class, and we work through the selection process from Saturday’s session of shooting with the aim of selecting your best ten images. As a group we will then review your images.  Sunday’s session will also include a sequencing exercise. Working with a selection of your own images or with a set of images provided, we will explore how they can best fit together as a series or a sequence, so that they tell a deeper story about the places, the times and the events that you have witnessed.


One Day Abstract $175

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn the art of Abstract Street Photography and sharpen their visualisation skills. Abstract photography means that you are removing the context of the subject so that what you’re looking at isn’t always clear. In abstract photography, you are re-forming the world to make your own subjects, making things that are not what they appear to be in real life. If you’ve previously attended our Street Photography workshop, you’ll understand one of the concepts being “shop front reflections”.

Registrations will open soon but if you are interested please email lesley@womeninphotography.co to pencil in your place.