Dream Gear Photography Rentals

Dream Gear Photography Rentals is a community driven alternative to expensive rental houses and buyer regret whose core mission is empowering people to fulfil their dreams.

Chatting with the team at Dream Gear, they say that common barriers they heard (among others) are lack of capital for buying gear. Add to that overwhelming – and often confusing & contradicting – information on Google and trying to decide what you actually need becomes almost impossible!

The good news is that Dream Gear address both of these by providing ultra-affordable renting options from one week, to permanent low-cost leasing so you can try before you buy. The equipment is owned by them, but the Dream Gear community all over NZ is what makes this well-oiled machine tick.

Women in Photography has collaborated with Dream Gear to be able to provide practical resourcing for camera equipment rentals.

During the months of August & September, Dream Gear are offering a 30% discount to Women in Photography followers during the months of August & September.

Mention WIP30 when making your booking – click here for contact details.